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3. Because I Know You

So... part of the fun of writing songs is playing the songs for people cold, with no explanation, giving the listener free reign to interpret the song as they will. As I have shared "Because I Know You" with friends and family, the most common response has been, "So...Dwight... who is she?"

Understandable! This song definitely has some romantic overtones! :) But truth be told, this is the only song on the album that had absolutely no backstory before it was written! The opening piano riff came first, then the chords to the chorus, then the lyric to the verse, all before I ever stepped back to ask myself, "Who is this song about?"

When the lyrics to the chorus popped out one day, the heart of the song finally emerged. I was happy to discover what the song already knew... it was about gratitude, for all of the people in my life who have loved me, guided me, and shown me the face of God.

If you are reading this today and we have some history together, there's a good chance that this song is about YOU! If we don't, that's OK... just think about a person who has had a positive influence on you, and thank God for that person as you listen to this song.

I hope you enjoy it!


"I thank my God every time I remember you..." -Philippians 1:3

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